Welcome to Creativecinderella and the curious world of spider webs! 

Welcome to my world of webs!

Explore the beauty and delicacy of genuine spider webs preserved for your lifelong enjoyment. I began preserving webs as a child and have since traveled the country collecting and preserving the structural integrity of curious and unique webs I find along the way. With each new and varied media I have explored to display these webs, you can adorn yourself and your home with some of nature’s most delicate and intricate artistry. Each creation you see is unique and collected from a single web-none are copied or recreated except the beautiful crescent moon shaped web you see as a part of Creativecinderella’s logo! That was indeed a real spider web and is the only design which will ever be replicated as it was too lovely to be only seen once! For all of my methods of collecting the spider webs, no spiders are ever harmed and I have ensured I am collecting them in an environmentally conscious and friendly manner. If you are interested in something new, please reach out to me and we will find the best method for you to cherish this unusual bounty of nature in a way that is most meaningful to you! I am happy to create custom pieces if they are possible.

Email: cinderella3068 [!at] yahoo.com
Website: www.creativecinderella.com

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Thank you for stopping in on this corner of the web, please enjoy!
Laura of Creativecinderella/Websbycinderella

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